Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some of the rounds

1. Elimination round: usually a single word film name is given and then time for a team is noted in seconds and the 1st 8 teams with the lowest time proceed to second round and so.
2. Then you can choose from no. of rounds you can have again a hindi film round and then a hollywood movie name, then a song or dumb dumb se round , advertisement round , personality round whatever you like.
3.Last you have about 5 teams and the last round is one of my favourites the bidding round.
will post about each round later.
and yeah all contributions are welcomed. Improve our hindi film database and the listings.
help around with rules and even new rounds.
techniques .
standard protocols

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Nish said...

Sounds interesting mital...will read in to it more next time i log in.....


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