Thursday, March 8, 2007

some of the rules

1.usually it is a team consisting of around three people.
2.only one person comes in front to get a chit from the pool with a name of film on it. except for dumb dumb c where one person explains to other . then other explains to the third one what he understood. the second person cannot ask anything to the first person by speech . meaning only by actions first and second person communicate with each other and then second person explains to third and third can ask things to know what he understood.
3.In all rounds the person explaining the thing stands atleast 2 feet away from partners. so better to have a line two feet distance from where team seats. i mean the person who performs can only act within a limited area designated to him
4.the acting person cannot speak anything from mouth. He cannot point to object or person to show something. and per word involved only one split is allowed.
5.rules of bidding round are separate. start of bidding starts from 45 seconds. the lowest bidder gets the chance to perform.
2.if he succesfully get it done within the time stipulated. he gets double of seconds he bid for subtracted from around 100. eg if you bid 20 second and you do it in 20 seconds then you get 160 points.and if you fail to do it you get 80 negative. and you cannot bid if you get below 150 of your the last second round.(the last rule is to prevent negative bidding , i mean if two teams are related then they may negatively bid to prevent other team from winning.)
3. for the scoring from 2nd round one can use simple criteria. you get the point like from the seconds you do subtracted from the 60. so if you do it in 20 seconds you score 40 and like wise.

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KAINU said...

played dumb charades with bollywood songs. Hope you guys like it


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