Thursday, March 8, 2007

some of the standar protocol.

1. first with fingers you show the words in a film. then for each word one can explain with fingers how many letters in it. can thumb down for hindi/gujarati word or to show it is old film
3.thumb up for english name or to show new film
4. little shake of the horizontal hand to show medium time period film
5. you can show no.s when name involves no. in name
6. sign like box to show that the film has a name or something like that. key (chabi) to show hindi word "key" involve in the name. if name has similar letter with little other grammer you can use shake your hand a little so as your partner understands that he should change a little grammer in the letter.
8.point to moustache to show you are explaining a hero's name in case you know who was lead actor in the film and point a crooked finger to your nose to show that you are showing heroin.



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